Jan 11 SALE

Its the sale many of our customers have been waiting for and they wont be disappointed

All Smaller Remnants are half marked Price

Berkeley is Axminster as it used to be you throw it out after many years because you want a change,Ideal for Farmers or any situation where there is mud or dirt it just does not show it, our price £22.71sq metre

Advertised elsewhere at £36.99

Every Single remnant will be reduced come December 27th Donít forget with a £20 deposit we will store it free for 3 months

Have it cut off the roll and Take away Today or fitted very quickly by our own fitters

Our Roll Stock Will never be lower in Price Manufacturers are raising prices because of the pound against the euro, So far we have absorbed the price rises,but they will go up when our sale ends.

We have lots of Abingdon Carpets with the stainfree.

All Pictures are of our actual stock as of December 2008

Donít get misled by some other stores Promotions Offersof free fitting or 50% to 60 % off,Here is their secret

Free fitting you will probably have to buy their underlay to qualify at  Rediculously high prices

50%to60% off   Their price is very high to begin with and they change the recognised name so you cannot compare prices with other stores

What else do they do,Everybody seems to shop around for the best price a square metre or sq yard Thats no good if you are having it fitted because they charge very very high prices for any extras you may need look at the example below to see what I mean.

A typical hall stairs and landing 20 sq metres carpet priced at £5.00 sq metre both shops prices would be £100.00 now for the extras

Big national store famous for its sales

100ft of gripperod  £70.00             

7 doorstrips   £69.93      

A good underlay  £159.80        

Fitting  £50.00           

Hall stair and landing cutting charge   £35.00      

Delivery charge  £35.00   

Total      £419.73       Our Price £200 your saving £70 before we even lift a finger if your having it fitted the delivery charge and cutting charge is included the fitters are going to your house anyway so why charge for delivery, and cutting charge, they have to cut it to fit it                       

So although both carpet prices were the same see how much extra youíve been charged  £219.73              donít get caught out

Plus we would never expect our price to be £200 unless you are buying really expensive carpet the above was just an example to compare like for like

Cash and carry you can pick up a good quality end of roll for a room size 4m by 4m in our sale £65.00 and as little as £39.00 for our budget roll ends

All our smaller remnants are half marked price fit a 6metre stairs  for £7.00 a boxroom, 2 by 3 metre £12.00 but be early


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